We have been around Los Angeles for long now. Our business has been about delivering the best biscuits and desserts people can dream of. As they say, leave something better than you found it. Over the years, we have made that a reality. We know that once we invite students to come learn from our experienced chefs, we do help them make the best of themselves. Our bakery is open to the public during the summer who want to benchmark on our secret ingredients. There is endless items to learn about especially in the preparation of topping recipes. We have been this for years and students come out equipped with baking skills.

We have everything ready for your training

You don’t have to struggle to find resources to help you learn. Everything is ready at yummy bakery. We got the best equipment and appliances, topping ingredients to work on, classes are ready and so are our loaded chefs. We make it super simple for you. We train everyone with the interest of getting to discover more about baking.

We are flexible

We don’t teach theories forcefully. Instead, we adjust the system to match everybody’s’ needs. We have a lot of teaching subjects as well as teaching styles so that students can pick whatever option is most suitable for them. And the opportunity is not just for the professional chefs. We believe that anyone can become anything in Los Angeles. We don’t look at your papers but your level of interest and passion. You can be a mom who want to make more delicious foods for the family or an aspiring chef. All are welcome, you will love it.

Types of classes

Once again, we are convenient. We let students pick the training sessions they are conversant with. It can be 5 classes for five days or a single day training.