The magic place

Our customers know that we got their needs well checked. It’s the reason they show up on daily basis to come by the delicious snacks and dishes. Our front shop is ever busy. And the magic is right behind the front shop. It’s where the desserts are prepared by our renowned chefs. These are experts who have traveled around the world with the purpose of learning of food flavors and what makes the best fast foods. First it’s the experimentation to discover the new recipes that are yet to be invented. If the product is gorgeous, it’s offered on the front shop for sale. Behind the scenes are biscuits, treats, muffins, cakes and other desserts are ever being manufactured. Surprisingly, they all sell out.

Our operation

Working in a bakery requires working beyond the usual schedule. We have to prepare most of the doughs for the pastry work the previous night. Our operation starts at 5 a.m. in the morning. We set up the dough into their respective tins ready for the oven. But that’s not job done yet. There is still a lot of work including rolling out dough and making ready of meat and vegetables for fillings.

By the time its breakfast, we are open and ready to sell. Our products are hot and fresh. They are also prepared with caution by our able chefs. Customers love nothing more than that.

Great customer service

Good food can become bad with bad service. We understand that. That’s why we ensure that our clients are cleanly served and welcomed with greetings. Even with the hectic schedule where customers are ever overwhelming, we still manage to maintain our top priority for good conduct during service. Many of our customers claim it’s the reason they come back every day. Loyal customers are well known by name in our bakery.

The culture goes on

We advocate for invention of new and better recipes around Los Angeles. We have already invented special recipes that have our name on them. We are also committed to ensure that the culture continues for the days to come. We plan to produce even a wider range of dessert and biscuit recipes and help people understand how to make them.